Canovate is a top global company in data centers and end-to-end fiber optics. It is trusted for its innovation and state-of-the-art solutions, offering cooling systems, various kinds of UPS, an environmental monitoring system, intelligent locks, a modular fire suppression system, and power distribution units.


Panduit provides smart, efficient, and scalable physical infrastructure for futureproofing businesses. It specializes in control panels, cable cleats, electrical safety, and digital building infrastructure, overcoming harsh environments, minimizing disruption, simplifying processes, and sustaining connectivity.


Siemon possesses a portfolio of patents particular to structured cabling, is accorded with world-class manufacturing, and remains committed to research and development. It offers its top-notch innovative IT infrastructure solutions which are globally accessible and sustainable.


Belden offers a complete suite of future-proof end-to-end networking solutions and continue to advance technology through next-generation networking, connectivity, and cybersecurity. It meets the needs of a fast-changing society through strengthening efficiency, securing mission-critical infrastructure, and enabling reliable operations.


Huawei specializes in smart, agile, and energy-efficient infrastructure for quicker returns and lower capital expenditure. This reliable array includes an array of UPS, precision air conditioners, and a powerful management system which operate under various environmental settings across various sectors.