What is ignITe Academy?

ignlTe Academy is a training program for fresh graduates dedicated to developing high caliber talents in specific areas of IT selling and engineering support. It aims to promote and maintain excellent standards in these fields by giving a holistic combination of knowledge, skills, and work attitudes in the context of the IT industry

Goals of ignITe Academy

We regard ignlTe Academy as a long-term solution to ensure continuous supply of fresh talents that will contribute to the sales growth and technical manpower support for Microgenesis. As learning skill becomes one of the key drivers of growth in the new normal, the program aims to spark a culture of learning and excellence in the workplace to deliver better results 

IgnlTe Academy will help contribute to the existing core values of the organization namely, excellence, result-orientedness, and customer focus.

It will help our people managers create more defined, measurable, and achievable goals while aligning business targets with the personal aims of employees to increase engagement.

This investment helps us plug gaps in sales and technical capabilities and enables more team members to strive for excellence. 

The creation of an individual competency framework will show areas of development to strive including knowledge, behaviors, and skills. 

It allows us to identify areas that require improvement, and any capability gap trends in human resources.

Career Paths and Proposed Learnings

The ignITe Academy focuses on developing strategic soft and technical skills combined with specific knowledge necessary to start a successful career in sales and technical support inside Microgenesis.

IT Sales Path will focus on developing critical selling skills like initiating, probing, listening, handling objections, negotiation, and closing sales opportunities. The path will also introduce trainees to IT sales cycle/processes and provide basic knowledge on important technology solutions and corresponding products.

Technology Support Path will introduce trainees to technology solutions that covers Networking, Information Security, Data Center, Data Center Facilities & Infrastructure, PC Essentials, Commercial Application Software, Operating Systems, and Enterprise Content Management.

Both paths will also include Basic Project Management, Presentation Design and Delivery Skills, Basic Leadership Course, and Microgenesis Culture and Brand Strategies.

ignITe Academy promises to produce young, high-performing graduates that will support the future talent needs of Microgenesis, thus, helping the country raise up future leaders, sales professionals, and technology solutions engineers.

ignITe Gallery

Various IT professionals from Microgenesis lead the ignITe trainees in an Enterprise Content Management class.

Director for Data Center Facilities Joel Somontina shared his expertise on Data Center to ignITe Academy trainees.

Microgenesis' Systems Engineer Amado Salvador demonstrates his knowledge in Huawei’s Basic Network to ignITe Academy trainees.

ignITe trainees join EEM Senior Manager Cecilia Javier in learning the 'Keys to Working Together.'

ignITe Academy in an intensive learning on Enterprise Content Management.

AVP for Employee Experience Management Jess Soriano explains Emotional Intelligence at the Workplace to ignITe trainees.

Courses Offered:

Sales Cycle and Critical Skills

  • Initiate. Probe. Present. Propose Cycles
  • Initiating. Probing. Listening. Handling Objections. Proposing and Closing the Sale
  • Pre-Call Planning and Post Call Evaluation

Presentation Skills

  • Planning and Designing Presentations – Focus on conceptualizing and visualizing content
  • Delivering Presentations – Focus on actual presentation and delivery (developing confidence)

Leadership Skill

  • Managing and Leading Self
  • Leading Others
  • EQ in the workplace

Microgenesis DNA

  • Vision, and Core Values
  • Keys to Working Together
  • Strength Culture and Development

Mentoring and Coaching Sessions

  • Sessions with Executives on Business Acumen
  • Sessions with managers for specific expertise
  • Coaching for Top 5 Strengths (Gallup Strengths)

On-the-job training (OJT)

  • Sales Call and Visitation (30 hours)
  • Technical Field Work (30 hours)

Technical Skills

  • Basic Networking
  • Basic Information Security
  • Basic Data Center
  • Basic Data Center Facilities Infrastructure & Basic Structured Cabling
  • PC Essentials
  • Operating System (Microsoft. Red SUSE)
  • Basic commercial application software (Microsoft M365. Autodesk. Adobe, Zimbra)
  • Basic Enterprise Content Management

Drafting and Placement

After a complete run for a batch, all successful trainees will be placed to their initial department assignments and will be offered new positions and compensation with benefits. Participants who failed the run will be assessed for another possible run as a trainee or end the trainee contract.

Fresh Graduates of any 4-year courses for Sales Trainees and Computer/IT Engineering Courses for Tech Trainees.

The program will run for five (5) months.

Trainees are considered probationary employees and will need to pass the ignlTe Academy requirements for regular employment status with full benefits.

Since trainees are considered probationary employees. they will receive minimum salary as provided by law.

All mandatory government required benefits such as SSS, Philhealth. and Pag-ibig are provided. Additional benefits like leaves. HMO, etc. will be added after passing all necessary requirements.

Successful trainees will be drafted to Sales and Technical Departments and will receive new set of salaries and benefits.

Unit 1007 Paragon Plaza Condominium,
162 EDSA Corner Reliance Street,
Mandaluyong City, 1550 

(+63) (02) 8658-7000