LogRhythm SIEM

.headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, and brands its SIEM solution as LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform. The core SIEM component is the XDR Stack, which is made up of DetectX, AnalytiX and RespondX. Add-on modules include UserXDR, LogRhythm’s rebranded UEBA product, and NetworkXDR, which provides NTA capabilities, as well as System Monitor (SysMon Lite and Pro) and Network Monitor (NetMon and NetMon Freemium). It is available in configurations for large (LogRhythm Enterprise) and midsize (LogRhythm XM) enterprises. It can be deployed on-premises as software, a physical appliance or a virtual appliance, in IaaS or hybrid environments.

The LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform, with its main component the XDR Stack, guarantees simple yet efficient cybersecurity analysis. Add-on modules include  UserXDR, LogRhythm UEBA, NetworkXDR, SysMon (System Monitor) Lite and Pro, and more.  They are available as either software, physical or virtual appliance, in IaaS, or in a hybrid environment.