Cisco is a pioneer in network affairs, placing premium in bridging relationships and sustaining them through consistent quality products and solutions. Notably through Cisco Meraki, it takes pride in building connections through platforms with high security and intelligence, keeping things simple and intuitive.


Ruijie is a leading ICT enterprise which focuses on solution design and innovation which are simple, accurate, and in-depth. Permeating a myriad of industries with its powerful innovation philosophy, it has self-developed switches, routers, wireless, cloud class, security, gateways, IT management, and authentication and accounting


Huawei is a trailblazer for ICT, leading in big data, AI, and next-generation protocols to IP networks. With a strong track record for security and trustworthiness over the past decades, it emphasizes intelligent IP network solutions: integrated solutions across telecommunication networks, IT, smart devices, and cloud services for campus network, data center network, WAN, and network security scenarios.


Kemp assures an always-on application experience through its simple, robust, and flexible world-renowned load-balancing solutions with cost-efficiency and top-notch technical support. It is distinguished by its award-winning L4-7 virtual ADC, fully featured web application firewall, global DNS and traffic management, and SSO and secure application access.

HPE Aruba

HPE Aruba is recognized as a leader in Wired and Wireless LAN access, understanding that customer experience is driven by data management at the intelligent edge. Aruba’s Edge Services Platform is agile, supporting the shift to digital transformation and increased dependence on IoT.

Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks is a flagbearer in Wired and Wireless LAN access infrastructure, delivering networking products from the edge to the core. ExtremeCloud unifies wired and wireless networks, facilitating simplified management, tightly integrated services, and enterprise features required on-premise.

Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies is a market leader in open networking switches and an enabler of enterprise modernization. Its portfolio consists in PowerSwitch ethernet switches, SmartFabric network management software, fabric automation, and network operating systems, wireless networking with Ruckus, and edge platforms with VMware.