Rack PDUs and Cabinets
Supply power to data centers from any location.

Power your data center servers either onsite or remotely with a Rack Power Distribution Unit (rPDU) It controls, monitors, and distributes electricity from the main power source into all I.T. equipment in your data centers, such as the servers, computers, and generators. Pairing it with a Rack Cabinet will ensure both a better cable management system and proper power distribution.

APC offers a wide variety of racks, enclosures and accessories for IT equipment from network closets to data centers. Feature-rich rack enclosure optimized for easy installation, managing cables, integrating power distribution, and maximizing airflow.

Vertiv data center racks, cabinets and enclosure solutions provide support and protection to your critical IT and facilities. In the modern data center landscape, standardization is becoming the norm. But not everywhere and not done randomly. The first place you’d want to start data center normalization is the racking systems and containment solutions. Starting with flexible, easily installed, adaptable and pre-configured customized server racks and network cabinets saves you costs, footprint and it increases the performance, efficiency, and reliability of your critical infrastructure. Let’s discover the data center custom containment solutions that help you reach your objectives.

Techpsectrum Distribution Inc. is one of the leading distributor of Cabling infrastructure and Data Rack Cabinets in the Philippines. TechSpectrum offers related hardware components for designing, operating, and restructuring successful and efficient data centers.

Eaton’s industry-leading airflow management solutions, coupled with its broad range of server and network racks, enclosures and cable management, help customers meet evolving technology requirements and optimize data center airflow.

Canovate Electronics is one of the top 10 global companies in terms of quality, technology and product portfolio in two main product categories “DATA CENTER” and end-to-end “FIBER OPTIC” solutions founded 41 years ago in the spirit of innovation. IT professionals rely upon CANOVATE for leading-edge solutions that incorporate innovative technologies.

MBS through its local partner were able to deliver a complete range of Data and Telecommunication Cabinets, Racks and PDUs with the following specifications; (1) Custom made heights raging from 2ft up to 7ft., (2) Custom made depths depending on requirements, (3) Top panel with exhaust fan, (4) Standard/ perforated detachable side panel, swing out back door with lock and ventilation, (5) Plexiglass/ perforated front door with lock, (6) Power strip with cable management at the back, (7) Caster wheel and jack plate, (8) Color as per requirements – Powder coated finish.