The Emergence Of Digital Technology

The pandemic has caused trouble to different people and disrupted industries, affecting their sources of income. Despite this, there is a silver lining with the increase importance given to the industry of Digital Technology, which will prove helpful with the advances in the said field.

The rapid movement of Digital Technology has taken over the world due to the sudden increase of its use. Because many have transferred to the work-from-home set-up, with limited face-to-face transactions, the only option left is to go online that revolutionize our everyday agenda. With this, the things that we thought as “nice-to-have” have suddenly become our “needs-to-have.” The changes that have taken place quickly because of this pandemic have expanded, to the extent where businesses have been forced to innovate and save their ventures.

Great variations and disparity in performance have become evident brought about by this pandemic. Companies now rely more on Digital Technology in which every day, they need to check real-time feedbacks such as timely reports to have greater control of the entire business, to know how they are doing and coping to survive. This is manifested through the sharing of ideas and experiences, especially in the digital sphere which opens new rooms for discussion at one’s own pace, thereby encouraging dialogue, cutting losses, and stimulating productivity. Imagine you had a basketball team with a single star player—do you think you would win a season? Surely, the open guard can provide the offense, but without strong teammates, the game would not be the same. Like any other sports clubs and teams, great companies cannot be carried on the shoulders of a single individual. Even with the best leaders, every department needs good teamwork and effort for your company to succeed.

The pandemic continues to highlight the use of Digital Transformation in two ways: it transformed end-user habits by allowing access to online platforms, and thereby, providing an alternative access to an array of materials. For example, in academics, some modules are being shown in television for the benefit of students, especially to those who are living in remote areas—where internet connectivity access is close to none. Yet, for those with a stable connection, access to online learning platforms have been instrumental in substituting for a physical classroom.

Moving forward, business ventures now take the long grind because of this pandemic, searching for ways like shifting to the virtual to respond and ride the impact of COVID-19. Companies with more modern and agile innovative plans are the ones who become successful. Surely things will never go back to the way they were, but because of the innovations and changes that have been made, we now have a better idea and look of potential post-pandemic scenarios to take into account when planning ahead. When that time comes, we hope to be well adjusted to the digital era that we may carry on with our lives.