The Pros and Cons of Using Third-Party Applications

This pandemic has triggered businesses to innovate solutions to cope and survive. People nowadays cling on to using third-party applications to make their transactions less hassle and stress-free. The rampant usage of technology devices, the internet, and other digital platforms, could not deny how helpful these applications and devices are in our everyday lives.

With people getting more knowledgeable and cleverer in technology, these applications don’t become an exception. We can see the outcome and effect of things from the pros and cons of using third-party applications. One reason why the inevitable operation of these applications are emerging is because, it is user-friendly; people can just access it anywhere and anytime they want, without the hassle of going out and performing the tasks that they need to do in person. The customer to business transactions also became easy with the fast-paced information transfer making things easier for both the business, and the consumer. The wide variety of applications a person can choose from depending on their needs, is key on why these third-party applications have become an essential part of everyday life. While there are benefits that we get from using these applications, on the other hand, there are also problems that we encounter. First is the emergence of cyber-crime which is now at an all-time high. Phishing and scamming are just few of the many cyber-crime problems a person can experience in using these platforms. This is very evident among credit card holders, as their personal information displayed in their accounts can be an easy target for the scammers. They can cause threats, mistakes, and encrypt the users in no time.

Cybercrime particularly breaks the privacy of individuals and their data security; to which data becomes the primary target of cybercriminals. Data also plays an innate role in the perpetration of many cybercrimes across the internet; mainly because it is not sufficiently secured and can be illegally penetrated and obtained. The infraction of data have resulted to poor system and data security, and other storage devices like smartphones and laptops, an unauthorized or exceeding access to a system’s database, publication or release of data, and an accidental disclosure of private information. A person does not need to be a target deliberately because anyone can be an accidental target with these kinds of schemes. In most cases, phishers and scammers actively target companies because of their huge asset. Facebook cloning is another example where people create an account pretending to be someone who they are not, just to scam other people. Which is why, being vigilant on who we talk to is significantly important. As they say, “ It is better to be safe than sorry.”